Eley Griffiths Group is an independent fund manager specialising in listed Australian small companies. We were established in 2002. Our experienced team combines with a time-tested investment philosophy, to deliver an active management style that aims to outperform throughout the stock market cycle. It is this approach that belies our commitment to uncovering the next hidden opportunity in the small company space. Covering much of the listed small company universe, our SCOPE stock selection process determines the appropriate valuation for a company’s prospective earnings stream. At the same time an assessment of the worthiness and commitment of management, and the quality and structure of its industry is undertaken. Each of these important elements combine to produce a stock score. The ranking of these scores forms the basis of our portfolio construction, subject to a number of risk management filters. An experienced team and a dynamic stock selection process sit at the heart of our performance culture which aims to optimise investors long term investment returns.

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